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Learn how to take great photos the EASY way!

This new Australian how to DVD takes you through easy to understand methods of taking all those beautiful photos you've always wanted to take and much more.

This easy-to-use DVD will show you how to take those photos that you’ve always wanted to. We simply step you through the process so that you don’t get bogged down in technical mumbo jumbo, but we still give you a good understanding of how to use your camera and achieve wonderful results.

If you think that this DVD is only for the beginner, then think again. This DVD can help you to reach a higher level in your image-taking ability, by looking at all those hard to understand technical issues like Aperture, Shutter and ISO, in a remarkably new and insightful way.

What makes this DVD revolutionary is the teaching method that we use. We look at the type of photo that you would like to shoot and then work backwards to the technical settings. This will help you understand how to operate your camera in various situations, optimising your results.

Action photography

This DVD will run through some great ways of taking action photos, if you want to get that perfect action shot you will find this DVD very helpful.

Wildlife Photography

A very popular subject and rightly so. In this chapter we cover lots of insights on how to get that inspirational wildlife shot, that some would think only the pros could get.

Wet Conditions

We spend many summer days or nights in the rain shooting photos. This chapter covers manual settings we like to use to achieve these photos. We also cover different ways you can protect your camera gear, whilst shooting in wet conditions.

Macro Photography

Many examples of this style of photography are covered in this chapter. This includes the different methods that are available to capture your close-up photos. It's an inspiring subject that'll motivate you to get outdoors and start clicking away again.

Misty Waves

How are are these photos taken? Is the question most people ask, this DVD takes you through this method from begining to end. It will make you want to run out and take these types of shots straight away.

People Photography

This chapter covers different ways of photographing people. It is has some helpful tips and discusses the important elements of achieving that great shot of your family or friends.

Polarising Filters

If you want to improve your photos without spending a lot of money - well this chapter is a great one! It shows in detail how to use your polarising filter and as with most of these chapters, it ends with a brilliant slideshow to give you more examples of shots taken with a polarising filter.

Sunrise & Sunset Photography

This brilliant chapter is about taking photos of the two most favourite times of everyday. No matter where you live, this section is jammed-packed with stunning examples and the methods used to capture these shots.


Beautiful flowing waterfalls that seem to refresh your soul and the ability to take them is what this DVD offers. If you've ever been inspired by these kinds of shots you can now be more inspired by taking them yourself.

Wedding Photography

A great genre of photography that requires skill and planning. In this section we cover many styles that you will find helpful. Included on this DVD is our complete photographer's wedding checklist.

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