MONDO Flood 20 May 2009

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740mm in 48 hours

This flood was the worst since 1974 and apparently we have better drainage since then. At Mondo we have a highly accurate digital weather station and on Tuesday 19th May, it recorded 297mm of rain in the 24 hour period. I thought that was a lot of rain until I awoke on Wednesday.

When I checked the rain guage in the morning we had already had 150mm overnight, from 9am until noon and we then had 200mm and most of that was after 10am.

I was sitting at my desk, happily working away when I looked down and noticed the carpet under my feet was getting wet. I quickly got into the crawl space behind the wall near my desk and found a river. I started bucketing the water out and by the time I had finished, I had bucketed out over 50 litres of water. At the very same time the door of the office was also being flooded, so every dry towel in the place was used until there were none left. I then started just spinning the towels in the washing machine and re-using them as soon as the 10 minute cycle finished, this went on until about 5pm that after noon.

The water that came in under my desk was water that had soaked through 10 foot of earth. That's how much rain had fallen and we live on the top of a hill. By the end of the day 437mm of rain had dumped on our roof.

We have finally dried out now and sorted some more of our flood problems out, hopefully we will finally get on top of them all, but you simply can't keep out that much water sometimes.

Below are some images of the local area.

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