MONDO Storm 16 November 2008

Written by Ray Bisschop on . Posted in Blog

This storm was said to be the worst storm in 25 years and for our little community of Ferny Hills it was. Although the roof didn't blow off the Mondo Condo, we sure thought it would. We are happy to report that no one was injured and although we thought Lystra was going to go into labour (with only two weeks to go) we all survived.

The office however didn't fair as well, with about an inch of water running through the meeting room into the start of the office and more water flooding in through the other office doors and water running down the wall above Lystra's computer... we had a bit of a torrid time.

The office will be closed for a couple of days while we clean up and put it back together and prepare for the next two storms coming on Wednesday and Thursday.

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