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There aren't too many times when you get to work for a "Legend" and working for Mark "Occy" Occhilupo was exactly that.. a legend!

I had met Mark a couple of times at some events that I was Photographing and Videoing and we got chatting, turned out he needed a website and he decided I was the man for the job.

After a couple of "board meetings" (code for we went for a surf), a round up of what images and videos he had on hand and hunting down all the fake Facebook pages that were out there, we were away.

And yes going for a surf with a living legend was a blast

It didn't take long for the site to come together as there is so much information about Occy out there and what Mark had on hand, we utilized his Twitter Feed and Facebook on the site to keep things up to date and also started his YouTube channel. We now had all of Mark's information in one place for people to find.

Mark wanted the site to have information about his corporate events and commentary as this was the direction he was taking his career. So the site had to have both the Corporate and the Surfer feel, the "Salts and Suits" if you will. So with that in mind we were very happy with the end result. Check it out for yourself.

I also had the opportunity to go on a Fuel TV shoot with Mark to do a few Promo shots, below are some of the shots from my interaction with Occy.

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