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At Mondo Images we can handle all of your photographic needs. We use top of the range Canon digital SLR cameras, with a large range of qualilty lenses, so we are able to handle any photographic situation.

Ray and Lystra Bisschop are very passionate about their photography and wanted a way they could share their skills and enthusiasm with others, so they put together this stunning range of souvenirs.

There are a few mottos they work by, like when getting up for sunrise "you can sleep when you're dead" or "the best photo is the one I will take tomorrow". It is this kind of understanding which produces beautiful photos.

Although Ray and Lystra love to travel overseas, their passion really lies here in Australia where they find most of their inspiration. From the reefs and rainforests of Far North Queensland, to the Outback... and Coastline of the Great Ocean Road.

Both Ray and Lystra love the outdoors and partake in many activities, such as Rock Climbing, Camping, Diving, Fishing and Four Wheel Driving to name a few.

The equipment they use use is top of the line Canon gear, with lenses from ultra wide angle to telephoto lenses, they also have underwater housings and macro equipment which means their photography has a lovely variety to it.

One of their favourite pastimes is chasing lightning storms (when the storms are about), adding this to their repertoire gives them an even more dramatic range in their image-taking ability.

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