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On a trip to Norfolk Ray & Lystra produced many wonderful images of the island. After they were there they where approached by one of the Island's Local Government Representatives who asked if they could purchase three of their images to go onto the islands Postal stamps. Following are the stamps, a newspaper article and a story about each of the images.

Norfolk Island is one of the prettiest islands we have every been to, way out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean the water all around is deep blue and turquoise. The beaches we visited seemed at times untouched and were beautiful.

The three bays featured in these stamps represent three different sides to the island.

Anson Bay 50c Stamp

Anson Bay faced South-West which was perfect as the sun started to makes it's decent for this photo, one of the best things about Anson Bay is that it is a long walk down into the bay which means you can have the the whole beach to yourself on most days without even a foot print in the sand, perfect as a photographer.

Cascade Bay $1.20 Stamp

Cascade Bay faced North-East perfect for sunrise, the thing that makes Cascade Bay so delightful is that there is a waterfall that comes straight over the cliff onto the beach, although the same cliff that the waterfall comes over is the one you have to come over which makes it both a challenge (with heaps of camera gear) and allot of fun, again also very isolated.

Ball Bay $1.80 Stamp

Finally Ball Bay which faces South-East another great place for sunrise. Ball Bay is where the fuel tankers come to unload their stores, but because of the shallow entry into the bay they are not able to come to close to the beach so a long line is floated out to them and they pump the fuel in from off-shore which means the ecosystem of this area is protected and it's natural beauty remains.

Norfolk Island is a great place to take time out and explore some wonderful photographic sites.

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