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Following are some of the Websites created by Mondo Images. Please feel free to browse around some of the sites to get an idea of what Mondo Images can do for your next Website. We specialise in Content Management System (CMS) so once we have provided you with your website you can keep it up-to-date yourself with no ongoing costs.

Following are some guidelines as you consider your website

Ask why

There are 40 million web sites on the Internet and the numbers grow every day. To make a great site, it is essential to know why you're building it. From marketing a company agenda, to instigating commerce, to championing a cause, there are many answers to the question why. To make a truly great site, know your reason and stand by it.

Know your visitor

Why would someone visit your site? What is the motivation to get the information, service, or product you are providing? There are so many sites, that to make a truly excellent one is to tailor each interaction to the audience you want to serve. Be specific. The more detail with which you can describe your ideal visitors, the more equipped you are to build something that communicates, inspires and serves them. In the world of interactive media, you serve your audience, and the more you know exactly who they are, the more effective and engaging your site is.

Map the Big Picture

For many of us, a simple stream of data is overwhelming. Data becomes relevant when it is put into context. When you know why you're building your site, and you know who your target visitors are, you can focus the stream of information in a direction that is meaningful for you and your audience. To see that stream, you need to climb a tree to get a birds-eye view. Create a map or architecture to envision what kinds of information and what paths to and from that information work. From user scenarios to technical specifications to flow charts, the more detail one can put into this map, the more successful the site will be.

Create an experience

The web is alive and ever changing. The most important interaction is the collaboration between humans and technology. Don't forget that the end user is a real living, breathing human being. Engaging the visitor in a genuine and relevant way is the essence of creating a quality web experience. Whether the goal is to answer a specific need, sell a product, or simply make someone guffaw into their screen, a standout web site is a series of conscious decisions that create a distinct experience.

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